Who Am I?

I've worked as a data scientist for over three years, investigating, designing, and implementing machine learning techniques to solve problems.

I aim for rigor and depth in everything I do, and make a point to really understand any approach I use, beyond just an import statement.

I love opportunities to be creative, and throw my effort into projects that seem ambitious and valuable

I find machine learning compelling and elegant, and I'm committed to always finding the next mountain, the next thing I don't quite understand, and climbing it until I've incorporated into my knowledge of the field.

I've spent weeks reading every paper I can find on graph networks, or variational autoencoders, or meta learning, and worked to stitch together my understanding into bridges others can use to cross over I've three times now gone on month-long research explanation marathons, where I read and summarize a new paper on each of the month's thirty days.

I care a lot about leveraging my efforts in support of a mission and a team I like and respect.